That’s How I Feel About You

You know that moment between dreaming and waking in an easy morning? Those few minutes of calm uncertainty, where reality is neither palpable nor imagined, it just is?
That’s how I feel about you.
And what about when you’re in bed, lying awake, that moment before easing into sleep? Those few minutes of struggling, where your mind is still conscious, hundreds of thoughts and images flash, then everything gets hazy and you fade out?
That’s how I feel about you.
Your name is always my last thought. I seek you out inwardly. So much, that maybe you feel it sometimes. Perhaps you’d be out and about somewhere doing your thing, and you’d feel stillness. You’d turn your head and look around, as if you’re trying to catch someone’s searching eyes. You’d see no one and go back to what you were doing but sometimes I imagine it would be my eyes you were hoping to catch.
That’s how I imagine it.
You know how when you hear your favorite song, you’d close your eyes for a moment and maybe even try to hide a smile?
That’s how I feel about you.
And you know how a song will eventually end, but you still play it and enjoy it anyway?
Via Rio Sulit

Wishing Well

Omg!! I had this things coincedently happened to me like TWICE. Technically not happen to me but it was lingering in my head and happen to somebody close to me;

1) I had this image of a guy, so pleasant, that whenever I imagined a guy, there would be glimpse of him. Then I got to know that my ‘rakan seperjuangan’ got married and voila! Muka husband dia just like what was in my imagination. Like so real, it was like a dream pulak!!!

2) Then these couple of weeks, I kept seeing roses in my head. For some reason or another. Like there was no way anybody would send me flowers la kan lol but that bouquet of roses kept flashing in my head. True enough, my colleague dapat bunga hari ni..

Hahhah thrill gila. What’s next, I wonder??? Adekah Chanel Jumbo??? 😂😂😂

Now I am seeing this image of a guy, tall, lanky, with a bit of a white hair…

Wonder who? Or with whom will he end up with.. For sure not me. I dont have that kind person in my friend’s list. Lol